Eye Wrinkles – An Early Sign of Aging

If you’re like many women, you care about your skin’s appearance. You moisturize, stay hydrated and use sun protection. However, for many women, not even the most proactive skincare regimen can prevent fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. This skin is so delicate and thin that it’s often where the first facial wrinkles develop.

The PaloVia Laser Is Clinically Proven to Reduce Wrinkles

Until now, the treatments to visibly reduce wrinkles around the eyes were limited. You could treat yourself with creams and lotions or pursue more costly options administered by a professional.  In 2011, though, Palomar Medical Technologies introduced the first FDA-cleared, at-home laser that is clinically proven to reduce wrinkles around the eyes. Finally, the same fractional laser technology used by dermatologists to reduce wrinkles is available for your use at home.  

Read What Users Have to Say about the PaloVia Laser

In clinical studies, medical professionals confirmed that 92% of participants were able to reduce wrinkles around the eyes – after just one month of using the PaloVia laser.* And our users seem to agree. Click on a category below to read what they are saying. Or, view Before & After photos to see the results for yourself.

Noticeable Results

At age 46, I started noticing fine lines and wrinkles around my eye area. Not ready to accept them, I decided to give PaloVia a try. I am proof this works! My fine lines are gone, my eyes look bright and youthful again!" - Beth, 46

It looks as if someone ironed out the wrinkles! ... I feel happy looking at my younger-looking self in the mirror. I like what I see." - Christina A., 67

I think I look younger and less exhausted. I've always like my eyes and I am happy that they look better. A couple of friends who knew nothing about the laser complimented me in general, saying I looked better and more rested." - Christina M., 59

I have had more than one friend say – you look different, or you look good – and I am not making that up." - Julie, 53

I see a more wide awake version of myself." - Phoebe, 56

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Easy to Use

It is truly a 'plug and play' product. Once you get the hang of it (which only took one or two treatments) it couldn't be easier." - Judy, 54

It's seamless to use and fits into my nighttime routine very easily." - Kathleen, 41

Using it has become a part of my routine. I just fit it in and it does not seem like it is an extra step anymore." - Pauline, 56

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Works for My Life

It was designed for exactly someone like me. A person who has concerns about aging but not an unlimited budget to fix the signs of aging." - Tammy, 52

I like the fact that it is compact, easy to use and quick. Not a lot of fuss, as I do not have time since I am a single working mom." - Debbie, 47

For someone like me, who has young children at home who are not giving her privacy, who is super stressed at the end of the day, my initial thought was this is never gonna work ... now, three treatments in, I could care less if my kids are around me while I'm giving myself a treatment because it all seems and feels easy." - Julie, 53

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Taking Charge ... and Taking Better Care of Myself

I think the laser is my ally against the wrinkles ... I would definitely recommend it because you can't just do nothing and let the wrinkles win." - Tammy, 52

It makes me feel I am combating the aging process successfully ... I like the feeling that I am doing something to improve myself ... it is a kind of an endorphin high that is similar to the feeling I get after exercising or eating really healthy." - Phoebe, 56

The laser has made me better about taking care of my face. I now wash my face every night and put a moisturizer on. I am also using sun protection everyday on my face which I didn't always do." - Debbie, 47

I feel relieved that I don't have to look at my skin and feel resigned to the aging process. There is a way to keep my skin healthier and younger looking. I still have wrinkles but they are hardly noticeable now." - Christina A., 67

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*As observed by a panel of doctors specializing in dermatology and plastic surgery. Individual results may vary.

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