Before & After Wrinkles

Visible Results … in Just One Month*

See for yourself how the PaloVia Skin Renewing Laser can reverse the signs of aging.

Eye Wrinkles Are Among the First Signs of Aging

Periorbital wrinkles, or the wrinkles around the eyes, are often the first facial wrinkles to develop. Because the skin is so thin and delicate, the eye area is especially vulnerable to the aging process. Initially, these wrinkles start as fine lines in the outer corner of the eyes. Over time, the fine lines slowly expand and deepen.  

The PaloVia Laser Uses Low Coverage and High Frequency

Unlike lotions and creams, which are most effective on the skin’s outer layer, the PaloVia laser also works below the surface where wrinkles form. Each treatment affects only a fraction of the skin. Over the course of one month of daily treatments, the coverage reaches the level of a professional treatment. Remember, the PaloVia laser doesn’t just give the appearance of younger-looking skin.  It actually renews the skin with fresh collagen and elastin.

Before & After Wrinkle Photos Show Visible Improvement

In a clinical study, before and after wrinkle photos were taken every two weeks. Through a blinded review, a panel of doctors specializing in dermatology and plastic surgery used the medical community’s standard wrinkle scale to assess improvement. The results were that 92% of clinical study participants showed a noticeable reduction in wrinkles after just one month of daily use.*  
 View the before and after wrinkle treatment photos, or watch the time-lapse video to see the progression of wrinkle reduction.

* Individual results may vary.


PaloVia Laser Treatment: Before and After

Before and After Wrinkles