Our Scientists

Scientists Apply Laser Technology to Medicine

Soon after lasers were invented in 1960, researchers began to apply laser technology to medical problems. Laser precision led to innovations in surgical treatments – such as vision correction and kidney stone treatment. In the 1990s, new fields of laser hair removal and laser skin rejuvenation began to emerge, with Palomar Medical Technologies leading the way.

Michael Smotrich, Ph.D.

Founded Palomar Medical Technologies, Inc.

A widely-recognized laser physicist, Michael Smotrich initially focused on military applications of laser technology and then on medical applications. In 1991, he founded Palomar Medical Technologies. In the early years of the company, he personally identified and recruited highly specialized scientists and doctors to work in the emerging aesthetic market. Today, Smotrich continues to serve as Chief Technology Officer.

Gregory Altshuler, Ph.D.

Obtained Joint Patent for Fractional Laser

A leading Russian academic who developed laser systems for medical, dental, space and industrial applications, Gregory Altshuler was recruited by Dr. Smotrich to collaborate with Palomar Medical Technologies. In 1996, Altshuler immigrated to the U.S. to lead Palomar's research on the applications of laser technology. He maintains ties with a world-renowned lab in St. Petersburg and has brought top talent to work for Palomar. The author of 200 papers and four books, and the inventor of 145 patents, he is the company's Senior Vice President of Research and Development.

Ilya Yaroslavsky, Ph.D.

Adapted Laser Technology for Use at Home

A Russian-trained laser physicist, Ilya Yaroslavsky has more than 20 years’ experience in biomedical applications of lasers. He has authored or co-authored more than 50 scientific papers on subjects such as light-tissue interactions, laser treatment of brain tumors and optical diagnostics of strokes. As Palomar's Vice President of Advanced Research, he has been instrumental in achieving the company's dual mission of creating best-in-class laser technologies for licensed medical professionals and adapting that same technology for use at home.

Stewart W. Wilson, MS EE

Researched Miniaturization of Laser Technology

Throughout his career, Stewart Wilson has researched how to miniaturize laser technology and develop low-cost methods for designing and manufacturing laser components. He has obtained six patents, published more than 22 scientific papers and successfully introduced 11 new products to market. Currently Palomar’s Vice President of Semiconductor Technology, he led the team that commercialized and manufactured the first, at-home laser that is clinically proven to reduce eye wrinkles.

Oldrich M. Laznicka Jr., MS EE

Incorporated Skin Sensor Technology

A graduate of Northeastern University in Boston, Oldrich Laznicka spent more than 20 years at Draper Laboratory/MIT and Lucent/Bell Labs researching how to implement a variety of photonic and micromechanical sensors for government and business applications. He has published a number of papers on photonics technology and obtained more than a dozen patents in that area. As Palomar's Director of Systems Engineering, Oldrich helped incorporate "smart" skin-verifying sensors into the PaloVia Skin Renewing Laser.

Sharon Timberlake, MS

Secured FDA Clearance

Nationally certified in both Regulatory Affairs and Clinical Research, Sharon Timberlake has 17 years' experience in the medical device industry. Early in her career, she worked on clinical trials for the first laser system to treat nearsightedness. Since joining Palomar in 2003, she has been instrumental in obtaining 25 510(k) clearances for various indications – including overseeing the submission to secure FDA clearance for the PaloVia laser. She is currently Vice President of Global Regulatory Affairs / Quality Affairs.