PaloVia Laser Treatment: Before and After


This time-lapse style video shows the crow’s feet of a PaloVia laser user – before and after treatment. We have divided the laser treatment images into three distinct phases: pre-treatment, after four weeks of treatment and after eight weeks of treatment.

As you can see in the before and after video, the most dramatic reduction of crow’s feet for this person occurs after four weeks of treatments. During this Initial Phase of treatment, you will treat yourself daily, with a quick, 3 - 4 minute treatment session.

After the first month, you will move into the Maintenance Phase of treatment. During this phase, you will perform two treatments per week. This before and after video shows how the crow’s feet wrinkles continue to improve over the course of eight weeks. Remember, it’s important to continue the maintenance treatments – because studies show that the crow’s feet area improves over a 16-week time frame.

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