PaloVia Laser At-Home Treatment Session Video


An at-home treatment session with the PaloVia laser can be done quickly and easily in just 3 - 4 minutes. Every treatment session is broken into three stages:

  1. 1. Preparation
  2. 2. Treatment
  3. 3. Post-Treatment

During the preparation stage, you will cleanse and dry the eye area, then apply a thin layer of PaloVia Pre-Treatment Gel.

For treatment, select an eye wrinkle to treat and press the Treatment Window against the wrinkle. When the blue Contact Light illuminates, the PaloVia laser is in full contact with the skin and you can begin treatment. Simply press the button to activate the laser. When the PaloVia laser has finished, move it down the wrinkle by about half an inch and perform another application. Generally, you will need 6-8 treatments per eye.

For post-treatment, gently clean the treatment window and store the Handpiece. You can then use moisturizing skincare products as you normally would. Remember to be patient and consistent. It takes four weeks of daily, at-home treatment sessions with the PaloVia laser to see results.